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Join us for more fallout from The Great British Bake Off, what the viewers have been saying and for a discussion about Karen Gillan's clothes in the new Jumanji promo image released online.  

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We're back!

After many months in the digital doldrums the Radio Times Podcast (ask for it by name) has found its voice again.

This week host Tim Glanfield discusses The Great British Bake Off's shock move to Channel 4 with James Gill and Ben Dowell, X Factor 2016 getting its mojo back with Emma Daly and what we can expect from Doctor Who spin-off Class with Huw Fullerton. 


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Just three guys talkin' 'bout Who for half an hour. Still with us? OK then. We discuss which episode you voted the best (and worst) in series 8, how Peter Capaldi is settling into the Time Lord's cardigan, the return of Missy/The Master, the evolution of Clara and what the future (and Christmas special) might hold.

This is one for the fans. But it's Doctor Who. Of course you're a fan.

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What is the greatest children's television show of all time and why is it Thunderbirds? With votes pouring in for Radio Times Kids TV Champ, our team travel back to the playground and argue for their favourite. From Arthur to Grange Hill, Sabrina to Blue Peter, have we named your own nostalgic number one? Remember to vote at

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...and we're back. After a brief intermission, the Radio Times Podcast has returned for its difficult second series.

This episode the team discuss some old, old favourites. Should The Apprentice retire? Is Downton on the down turn? Is Strictly getting creaky, or is it time the X-Factor to croak? And what about Doctor Who? Is 50 years just too long for any show, even if you're a Time Lord. Listen and find out!

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Broadchurch and BAFTAs and Bear, oh my! The Radio Times team discuss exclusive casting news from the new series of Broadchurch, and ask why both David Tennant and Karen Gillan are putting on funny American accents. Plus it's the battle of the sexes as we take a trip to Bear Gryll's Island. Special guest appearance: Ricky Gervais!

Who should you vote for in the Radio Times Audience Award? What was the best show of the last year? The Radio Times crew go over your options. 

Vote by midday Saturday 17th May at Winner will be announced at the BAFTAs on Sunday 18th May.

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Radio Times TV Editor Alison Graham explains why Line of Duty might be the best show this year, and analyses our enduring love for crime dramas. Plus, an intergenerational debate on the future of BBC3, and a review of Google Chromecast: the new ultra-cheap streaming dongle.

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The crew discuss Doctor Who's new companion Samuel Anderson and whether kissing should be allowed on the Tardis. We celebrate the return of Ripper Street to Amazon and the return of Jonathan Creek to BBC1. Plus, do Brits enjoy watching Brits like Piers Morgan fail in America?

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As Sochi prepares itself for the Winter Olympics, Radio Times limbers up with a complete guide to all the slipping, sliding and falling over we can expect on TV. Plus, we go on set (but not on stage, thankfully) at Britain's Got Talent, and ask if Outnumbered is going through growing pains in its final series. Plus, the new cop show from Danny Boyle and the guys behind Peep Show!

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