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Does Netflix's drama The Crown get the royal Radio Times approval? What on earth is going on in The Missing? And who's going to win I'm A Celeb? These are the all-important question Team is answering this week.

Contributors: Tim Glanfield, Huw Fullerton, Eleanor Bley Griffiths, James Gill, Sarah Doran
Producer: Sarah Doran
Music: Morning Sun by Nicolai Heidlas


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The return of The Crystal Maze, Sandi Toksvig's QI debut and FIVE Harry Potter prequels (can you have TOO MUCH Potter?) are top of the agenda for team this week.

Contributors: Huw Fullerton, David Butcher, Thomas Ling
Producer: Sarah Doran
Music: Morning Sun by Nicolai Heidlas


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What's going to happen in The Doctor Who Christmas Special? Where did X Factor's Honey G come from? And will ITV's Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun fill Queen Victoria's Sunday night void?

Team ask all the important TV questions in this week's Radio Times podcast.


Contributors: Huw Fullerton, Paul Jones, Sarah Carson
Producer: Sarah Doran
Music: Morning Sun by Nicolai Heidlas

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Team reflects on Poldark's tragic Sunday night down the mine, goes Westworld to meet the Man in Black, and asks if Jenna Coleman's Victoria will have her throne stolen by Netflix's royal drama, The Crown.

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Join us as we take a look at the early movers and shakers in this year's Strictly Come Dancing, ask whether Jenna Colman's reign as the new queen of Sunday night drama can continue without Rufus Sewell, and find out what's waiting for us in the boardroom as The Apprentice returns for a 12th series on BBC1.

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Join us for more fallout from The Great British Bake Off, what the viewers have been saying and for a discussion about Karen Gillan's clothes in the new Jumanji promo image released online.  

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We're back!

After many months in the digital doldrums the Radio Times Podcast (ask for it by name) has found its voice again.

This week host Tim Glanfield discusses The Great British Bake Off's shock move to Channel 4 with James Gill and Ben Dowell, X Factor 2016 getting its mojo back with Emma Daly and what we can expect from Doctor Who spin-off Class with Huw Fullerton. 


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Just three guys talkin' 'bout Who for half an hour. Still with us? OK then. We discuss which episode you voted the best (and worst) in series 8, how Peter Capaldi is settling into the Time Lord's cardigan, the return of Missy/The Master, the evolution of Clara and what the future (and Christmas special) might hold.

This is one for the fans. But it's Doctor Who. Of course you're a fan.

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What is the greatest children's television show of all time and why is it Thunderbirds? With votes pouring in for Radio Times Kids TV Champ, our team travel back to the playground and argue for their favourite. From Arthur to Grange Hill, Sabrina to Blue Peter, have we named your own nostalgic number one? Remember to vote at

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...and we're back. After a brief intermission, the Radio Times Podcast has returned for its difficult second series.

This episode the team discuss some old, old favourites. Should The Apprentice retire? Is Downton on the down turn? Is Strictly getting creaky, or is it time the X-Factor to croak? And what about Doctor Who? Is 50 years just too long for any show, even if you're a Time Lord. Listen and find out!

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